We make a number of different products in the school category. From organisational tools to teacher gifts and making memories.

First day of school

Embrace the excitement of a new beginning with our first day of school products.

Your childs first day of school is a momentous occasion, filled with anticipation and new adventures. Make this milestone even more special with a touch of excitement. Create memories with our first day of school memory boards to symbolise the start of an exciting new journey.

School organisation

The school year can be a whirlwind of assignments, activities, and deadlines. Stay organised with our organisation tags so you can turn chaos into order.

Whether in the classroom or at your home, we make school organisation easy empowering students, parents, and educators alike.

By staying organised, you can free up time for what matters most—learning, personal growth, and quality time with loved ones.

Embrace the coming school year with confidence, knowing that our School organisation products have your back. Get organised, stay focused, and make this school year your best one yet.

Teacher gifts

Honouring teachers with our timber treasures.

When it comes to showing appreciation for the dedicated educators in our lives, there’s something truly special about gifting them a personalised timber gift. These wooden creations not only convey gratitude but also symbolise the lasting impact of knowledge and guidance in a stylish way.

Our timber teacher’s gifts are hand-crafted with precision and thoughtfulness, making each piece a unique and cherished token of appreciation. Whether it’s a personalised desk accessory to help organise their workspace or a beautifully engraved plaque with a heartfelt message, our timber teacher gifts are a meaningful way to express gratitude for the invaluable role educators play in shaping your child’s future.

Custom School products

We make beautiful personalised timber and acrylic products for school. Do you have an idea of a product that your would like us to make? let us know.

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