Custom mindful gift tags next to Christmas wrapping paper and rope

Personalised Timber Mindful Gift Tags


Our beautifully crafted personalised timber mindful gift tags are a thoughtful touch that transforms any gift into a memorable experience.

Choose the art of thoughtful gifting and make each moment count with these four exquisite, personalised mindful name gift tags for your next birthday or Christmas.

e.g. Chloe

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Keep gifting simple and under control with our set of 4 timber personalised mindful gift tags. Something you need, read, wear & want is all a child needs for any big celebration like Birthdays or Christmas. It’s so easy to let presents get out out of control so our mindful gift tags are perfect for keeping ourselves under control.

Our mindful gift tags are a wonderful way to add reusable eco-friendly gift tags to your children’s, or any human in your lives, gift. No longer do you need to scrounge around for cards each Birthday and Christmas, you can just use your beautiful timber personalised name gift tags year after year.

Gift tags measure as 7 cm high and 5 cm wide.

Each tag can be personalised with whatever you like please check your spelling as what is submitted is what is created.


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