Personalised Name Puzzle

Personalised Name Puzzle

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Personalised timber name puzzles are a unique and special way to celebrate the birth or naming of a new baby. Our puzzles are made from high-quality timber & acrylic and are custom-made to spell out your child’s name in colourful letters.

Choose what colours you would like each letter to be. Each letter of the child’s name is designed to fit perfectly into a corresponding slot in the puzzle, making it a fun and engaging way for children to learn the letters of their name.

They are not only educational but also serve as a lovely keepsake that can be cherished for years to come.

e.g. Chloe

The price adjusts depending on number of desired letters.

Choose from our popular colour combinations or list the colours (see gallery) in the box below for each letter.

Pink (Colour Combination) Blue (Colour Combination) Green (Colour Combination) Waratah (Colour Combination) Gumtree (Colour Combination) Banksia (Colour Combination) Jakaranda (Colour Combination) Lilly Pilly (Colour Combination) Bottlebrush (Colour Combination) Wattle (Colour Combination) River (Colour Combination) Honeysuckle (Colour Combination) Custom Colours (List Below)

If you would like to choose a custom colour combination or you have any additional notes for the order, add them here.

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Personalised Wooden Name Puzzles

Welcome to our personalised kids wooden name puzzles. Not only are these gifts Australia made and eco-friendly but they are also safe for your little human. The puzzle boards made with wood & pieces cut from acrylic – these puzzles are ready for anything your baby/toddler can give.

Our personalised name puzzles are perfect as gifts for baby showers, birthdays, Christmas and more! This is an affordable gift with a high value. Especially when your child receives a gift that has their own name and a custom message engraved into it.

Importance of name puzzles

Teaching a child to recognise their own name is incredibly important. Having a tool such as a personalised puzzle makes this learning fun! Not only will your child learn to recognise their own name, our puzzles are also great for learning colours, shapes and developing fine motor skills. They are fun and educational or can even be used as a personalised kids name plaque. 

Puzzle Customisation

Your personalised name puzzle is unique and personal to you. You can choose to customise the name that is displayed on your puzzle and you can also choose what colours you would like each letter. On the back of the puzzle you can choose to engrave a custom message for the recipient.

Colour Combinations

Please see our colour swatches below to choose your customised colour combinations. When requesting a listed colour combination please list the combination in the order you want the colours to occur.

For example. If your name is Coco, you could choose Orange, Coral, Beige and Aqua for each of the 4 letters.

When ordering the sparkle colours please note from the listed photos that the underside of the sparkle if a plain colour on the underside.

Acrylic Colour options

If you are after a colour and you can’t see it listed, please send us a message and we can see what we can do!

We have made so many combinations of colours and have found the most popular combinations are like the following. If you would like to use one of these combinations for your puzzle, simply choose that combination as your puzzle colours.

For example. If your name is Coco, you could choose Pink as the colour combination. Because the combination has 3 colours, the last letter would repeat the first colour.

Name Puzzle Personalisation

Your name puzzle can read whatever you would like it to! Feel free to think outside of the box, it doesn’t just have to be a first name, it can be whatever is special to you. It can also be more than one word.

Message Engraving

Make your puzzle extra special with a custom message engraved on the back. Simply type the message you would like into the box and we can engrave it on the back of your puzzle for you. It is a fantastic way to mark the special moment.

Engraved Message Name Puzzle

Multi-line name puzzle

If you enter a first and second name in the name field, we will put the second name beneath on its own line. Just like this beautiful two name personalised puzzle.

If you have any further questions please feel free to send us a message!


A note on our postage price – Since our name puzzles are long they require larger postage packaging and therefore may accumulate a higher postage price. We take every precaution possible to ensure you puzzle gets to you safely and we think that is most important.

Personalised Name Puzzle FAQs

Why choose Oh Coco personalised name puzzles?

There are countless reasons your child will love our custom name puzzles but here are our top 5 reasons why we think you will love our Oh Coco custom name puzzles:

  • We have over 1000+ happy customers with a 4.9 out of 5 rating.
  • Our Australian name puzzles are made from high quality Birch plywood and designed and made here in Queensland, Australia.
  • The puzzle names are made in title case which is the best option teaching your kids how to read.
  • We use safe timbers and non-toxic paints and 100% guarantee the quality of every item.
  • A puzzle that is personalised for a child with their own name and custom engraved message is a special gift that will hold long sentimental value for years to come.

What is the quality of your puzzles?

Oh Coco strives for the highest quality possible. Our plywood is made from premium birch timber. Australian ply upholds to strict quality and safety standards. We use high-quality acrylic plastic for the letters. Our laser cutting machine cuts our puzzles with intricate detail that is capable of cutting at a size that is a fraction of a millimetre. This means we are able to get incredibly smooth edges that perfectly fits each letter. We have conducted rigorous testing to ensure each puzzle complies with Australian toy standards

How big are your name puzzles?

Our puzzles are tried and tested to suit a size that is comfortable with small hands as well as large hands too. The height of our puzzles are 9cm high and can range from 15cm to 60cm in length depending on how many letters and what type of letters are being used. The letters are approximately 5cm high (depending on the letter) and they are 6mm thick.

Some names are really long while other names are short and sweet. No matter how long the name is, you child will love being able to put the letters into the cut-out holes perfectly designed for little fingers.

Can I add a non-English character such as a hyphen?

We can try. Because each puzzle is custom made for you, we probably can do it for you. Just know that we may refuse if it introduces small parts that are not safe for small children.

Are personalised name puzzles educational?

You bet they are! Although they probably don’t realise,by using our name puzzles, your child is developing a range of skills. They are learning fine-motor skills when placing the pieces into the holes and they are learning to recognise shapes and letters. A puzzle that has their name means they will be able to learn to spell their name. Our name puzzle names are title case (the first letter is capitalised and the rest of the letters are lower case) which means they are learning the correct way to spell their name.

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  1. I bought two 30cm name signs for my girls and I love them. They are lightweight, simple and very eye catching. It’s going to be very easy to hang them in their rooms. Definitely recommend and would purchase again 🙂

  2. I bought two 40cm name signs for my girls and I love them. They are lightweight, simple and very eye catching. It’s going to be very easy to hang them in their rooms. Definitely recommend and would purchase again 🙂

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