Flower Pinwheel

Flower Pinwheel

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Full of colour & magic our Flower Pinwheel is the perfect gift for any kid of any age. Watch the flower come to life in the wind & simultaneously see the joy erupt in your child’s eyes.

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Watch your little one become a light with joy when you give them one of sweet Flower Pinwheels.

Our Pinwheels come to life in the wind making it a fanciful addition to any home. Full of colour the flowers are loved by kids of all ages.

Personally my kids love them in the garden, in their rooms – but most of all in their little hands. It’s so loved they take their Flower Pinwheel with them everywhere (I’ve had to hide the stock box 😅).

If you’re looking for a little extra magic to add to your order than simply include a Flower Pinwheel.

Each Pinwheel measures 25cm high.


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